How can I return my order?

Within 14 days of purchasing the product, you can return the product free of charge. Send an email to info@perfectpro.eu to receive your return label and return form. These are currently not delivered directly with the order.

  1. Send an email with your order number/order ID and your name.
  2. Receive your return label via email.
  3. Print the label and attach it to your return. Make sure no other labels are visible.

Where do I drop off my return package?

You can return your package in different ways:

  • Hand it over to the delivery person. Make sure you have attached a return label to your package and that no other labels are visible.
  • Drop it off at a DHL location or parcel machine near you.

What is the returns policy?

After purchasing a product, you can return it free of charge at any time within 14 days.

How does the refund work?

Once we have received the returned product, the purchase amount will be refunded immediately.

When can I receive my refund?

This depends on your bank, the payment method used and the time at which the return package was received and processed. On average this takes 1 to 3 business days.


How can I see where my order is?

Note: It is not possible to buy any products from within the United Kingdom at this moment.

After ordering, you will receive a track and trace number by email. This means you can always see where your package is and when it is expected to be delivered.

Can I change my order?

Note: It is not possible to buy any products from within the United Kingdom at this moment.

After ordering it is no longer possible to change it.

What are the payment options?

Note: It is not possible to buy any products from within the United Kingdom at this moment.

You can pay Klarna, SOFORT, GiroPay, EPS, Apple Pay, credit card, VISA or PayPal.

Problems ordering?

Note: It is not possible to buy any products from within the United Kingdom at this moment.

If the order doesn’t work, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Clear the cookies in the browser and try again.
  2. Try ordering the product from a different browser or device.
  3. Please try again later.
  4. If the order still does not work, please contact our customer service.

Didn't receive an order confirmation?

Note: It is not possible to buy any products from within the United Kingdom at this moment.

First check that the order confirmation has not ended up in the spam folder. Have you still not received an order confirmation after an hour? Please contact our customer service.

Cancel order?

Note: It is not possible to buy any products from within the United Kingdom at this moment.

After you place your order, it will be processed immediately. Once the order has been completed it is no longer possible to cancel it. If you still wish to cancel your order, please contact our customer service to discuss the options.

PerfectPro jobsite radios

What is a PerfectPro jobsite radio?

A PerfectPro jobsite radio continues to play undisturbed under extreme and difficult conditions. Our radios are water, dust and shockproof, very robustly built and equipped with large buttons that are easy to use and clean. Due to a robust housing construction and rubber shock absorbers, jobsite radios offer additional protection compared to normal radios.

Does PerfectPro produce radios for professional Bosch users?

At PerfectPro, we believe every professional deserves the best sound during their work, and we are confident we have the expertise to create the best product for every hard-working professional. That’s why PerfectPro was invited to join the AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional alliance so that AMPShare users and Bosch professionals users can also experience the best sound during their hard work.

Any user of a Bosch 18V battery or AMPShare battery can use this battery for the models we develop for the AMPShare platform. Since there are many more professionals who are not committed to a battery platform or are fans of the PerfectPro brand, PerfectPro will also continue to develop products based on integrated lithium batteries and replaceable NiMH batteries.

What power supply options are available for PerfectPro jobsite radios?

All PerfectPro radios can be operated via mains power. In addition, we have three additional power options:

  • NiMH batteries
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • Bosch 18V batteries

Are batteries and Bosch 18v rechargeable batteries included as standard with a PerfectPro jobsite radio?

No, separate NiMH batteries and/or Bosch 18V batteries are not included with a radio.

What is DAB+ reception?

DAB+ Radio has been new for a few years and all stations are working hard to achieve full national coverage in the next few years.

We have a whole page dedicated to DAB+, which  can be found here.

Why does my DAB+ reception not work?

A quick overview of what you can do if DAB+ reception is poor:

  1. Always position the antenna vertically first
  2. Do not place the radio too close to potential sources of interference such as LED lights, chargers, running machines, computers, large metal surfaces, etc.
  3. Turn on the radio and do a full scan in the DAB+ menu.
  4. On the radio’s display you will see the progress of the scan and the number of stations found in the location where the radio is currently located.

Do you regularly have poor DAB+ reception? Then we recommend using a metal antenna instead of a flexible antenna.

Why a Wi-Fi internet radio?


  • Choose from thousands of radio stations from around the world.
  • Both smaller local radio stations and regional and national radio stations.
  • Also many radio stations that only broadcast via internet radio.


  • Digital stereo sound quality.
  • Depending on the signal transmitted, this is good to very good.
  • No cracking or interference as the signal is not like normal ones
  • Radio reception passes through the air and is therefore not influenced by external factors.


  • Simple: Where you have Wi-Fi access, you have reception and all the benefits mentioned above.
  • This makes it ideal for areas and regions where the FM or DAB+ signal is weak or non-existent.
  • Also ideal for places or locations where normal FM or DAB+ radio reception is severely affected by external factors such as workshops, production halls, metal and concrete structures, etc.


What is IP certification?

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The IP certification indicates the extent to which the product is protected against dust, dirt and/or moisture. An IP certification consists of two digits. The first digit indicates how well the radio is protected against dust and the second digit indicates protection against moisture.

What IP certifications do the jobsite radios have?

An overview of the IP certifications per radio:

Rockpro: IP65
Rockbull: IP65
Audisse: IP65
Powerplayer: IP65
Workstation: IP65
Teambox: IP65
Soloworker: IP64
Netbox: IP64
UBOX400r: IP64
Dabpro: IP54
Dabpro 18V: IP54
Dabbox: IP54
Rockhart: IP44
Rockhart 18V: IP44

Can I set up my radio in any workshop/construction site?

Our radios are extremely robust and therefore suitable for demanding environments such as dusty workshops or wet construction sites. The durability is indicated by the IP certification.

The IP certification consists of two digits. The first number indicates the extent to which the radio is resistant to dust and other solid substances such as sand. The second number provides information about the extent to which the radio is resistant to water and moisture.

PLEASE NOTE: PerfectPro products are NOT ATEX certified.

Is it safe to leave my jobsite radio out in the rain?

Although our radios are extremely robust, we do not recommend leaving your radio outside in the rain. Not all jobsite radios are waterproof, but there are many models with water-resistant housings that can withstand rain or splashing water. Water resistance is indicated by the P in the IP certification. The IP certification consists of two digits.

The first number indicates the extent to which the radio is resistant to dust and other solid substances such as sand. The second number provides information about the extent to which the radio is resistant to water and moisture. Construction site radios with high IP certification: ROCKPRO, POWERPLAYER & ROCKBULL.

Maintenance recommendations

PerfectPro radios are specifically designed for use in harsh environments, dust, water and dirt and therefore typically require no maintenance. However, if something breaks on or in your radio, we recommend always contacting customer service in this case.

AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional

What is AMPShare?

AMPShare is the multi-brand battery system that gives you the flexibility to switch between professional machines and brands without having to change the battery. AMPShare batteries are available in different sizes and powers, making it easier to use different brands of machines without thinking.

The AMPShare battery technology is based on the Professional 18V system from Bosch Professional: With over 80 million batteries sold and new brands being added every year, this is the battery system you can rely on.

What benefits does AMPShare offer?

AMPShare saves you time, money, space and effort on all your professional tasks. No more searching for the “right” battery or lugging around different batteries and chargers in your toolbox. AMPShare offers the peace of mind that one battery fits all machines.

The advantages for you: less chaos, less weight and lower costs. With a fully compatible 18V battery system across multiple brands and machines, you can easily expand your machine collection with new machines from brands that have joined AMPShare without having to purchase new batteries.

What technology is AMPShare based on?

AMPShare batteries use leading battery technology from Bosch Professional and have an excellent track record for demanding applications and long run times due to excellent heat management.

With AMPShare you can even use a very powerful range of ProCORE18V batteries designed specifically for your most demanding tasks – and chargers with the shortest possible charging times.

What is ProCORE18V exactly?

ProCORE18V is a series of very powerful 18V batteries that deliver extremely high performance but in a more compact design.

For example, ProCORE18V batteries with over 5.5 Ah deliver excellent performance comparable to up to 2,000 W of wired power (depending on the machine), despite their compact dimensions. These batteries are available in different performance levels and are designed for the toughest tasks and materials.

This means they exceed the performance you expect in this voltage class. When combined with machines that are optimally tuned to achieve maximum performance with ProCORE18V, such as Bosch BITURBO Brushless, cordless machines with ProCORE18V batteries deliver even better performance than wired machines.

Why are some AMPShare batteries red or grey?

Bosch Professional batteries are red, while batteries from other AMPShare brands are grey. Don’t worry: the batteries are perfectly compatible. Even though the colours are different, there is no difference in performance, technology or compatibility.

Can I use different brands of machines with the same AMPShare battery?

Yes. We guarantee full compatibility between all batteries, chargers and machines that are part of the AMPShare battery system, regardless of the brand of the product. All AMPShare compatible products can be easily identified by the AMPShare label.

For more information about AMPShare members and their AMPShare compatible products, please visit their respective websites.

Can I use different batteries for my ROCKHART 18V?

Yes. We guarantee full compatibility between all batteries, chargers and machines that are part of the AMPShare battery system, regardless of the brand of the product. The same applies vice versa, any 18V battery produced since 2008 can be used on the ROCKHART 18V.

I already own Bosch Professional 18V batteries or chargers, but they do not have the AMPShare label. Are these still compatible with AMPShare?

Absolutely. Your Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers are already fully compatible with all AMPShare compatible machines. And the best part is that the reverse is also true: AMPShare batteries are fully compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V machines and chargers up to and including 2008.

Can I use AMPShare compatible machines with the Bosch POWER FOR ALL 18V battery system?

No. These two battery systems are not compatible, and for good reason! Each battery system is designed to meet very different needs from professionals or DIY enthusiasts. AMPShare batteries are optimized for professional use in business environments, with an emphasis on long run times for increased productivity, with a construction that can withstand extreme work environments.

With AMPShare batteries, professionals can rely on a powerful, robust battery system that allows them to work faster and safer on the jobsite.

The Bosch POWER FOR ALL wireless system products, on the other hand, are optimized for home use and DIY projects by enthusiastic DIY enthusiasts in and around the house, with an emphasis on self-realisation and creativity.

Can I charge AMPShare batteries with other brands of chargers?

Yes. We guarantee full compatibility between all batteries, chargers and machines that are part of the AMPShare battery system, regardless of the brand of the product.


Are the NiMH batteries delivered charged?

All PerfectPro batteries come charged as standard.

How long does the NiMH battery of a PerfectPro jobsite radio last?

This depends on the size of the NiMH battery and the use of the radio. PerfectPro construction site radios have a playback time of 1 to 2 working days.

Our radios automatically charge the NiMH batteries with the built-in charger. Plug the plug into a power outlet and the radio works as a charger.

ATTENTION: All batteries must have the same values. They view the chargers as a unit instead of individual batteries. If there is a worse battery underneath, it will affect the overall capacity.

Can I also use other battery brands in my PerfectPro radio?

This is possible, but we strongly advise against it. Our NiMH batteries are specifically designed for optimal use in our radios.

DANGER! If you are not using NiMH batteries but non-rechargeable batteries, you must always change the “Internal Battery Switch” from “charger” to “batteries”!

Can I use PerfectPro batteries in other electronic devices?

Yes, this is definitely possible. Despite their strong performance, our batteries are universally suitable for use with other electronic devices. However, we do not recommend using other batteries in our radios.

What types of batteries are there for PerfectPro radios?

Besides the NiMH batteries. Part of our collection has a built-in lithium battery. In addition, we have two radios with two Bosch 18V universal battery systems: AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional alliance and the Power For All Alliance

Isn't a built-in lithium battery unsafe?

No, our radios have been tested and refined for years to ensure safety.

What is the AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional battery system?

AMPShare – Powered by Bosch is the shared battery system from several brands for professional tradesmen. With just one shared battery system, you have the flexibility to switch between professional machines and brands without having to think about it. With more than 80 million batteries sold and a rapidly growing network, AMPShare is the 18V battery system you can rely on.

What is the Bosch H&G 18V Power For All Alliance battery system?

The Power For All Alliance is the joint battery system of several brands for the Home & Garden sector. It is expected that more than 30 million Bosch “Power For All” batteries will be on the market at the beginning of 2023 – these 18-volt batteries have been universally compatible since 2007.

Care instructions

We recommend checking regularly whether there are any leaks in the battery compartment or corrosion on the batteries.


PerfectPro batteries are carefully tested and inspected during and after production. Because batteries are consumables, they do not come with the same warranty as construction spotlights.

PerfectPro provides a manufacturer’s warranty on PerfectPro batteries with a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, PerfectPro will cover the cost of replacing the product in the event of a material, design or manufacturing defect.

The warranty on batteries does not cover damage caused by improper use, misapplication, negligence, negligent behavior, alterations made or accidents.

Normal wear and tear

In the event of a warranty claim, the batteries must be submitted to PerfectPro for inspection along with the job site radio* and the original invoice or other valid proof of purchase (showing product type and date of purchase). The date of purchase determines the warranty period. The warranty claim will be processed through your PerfectPro dealer.

The reason for this is that there may have been a problem with the batteries due to a defect in the radio, such as a faulty charger.


Hearing protection headphones (H-40)

PerfectPro’s hearing protection headphones (H-40 EarProtection) are designed to both provide excellent hearing protection and increase work enjoyment by making it easier to listen to music via DAB+, FM or Bluetooth. You can also easily communicate with others wirelessly using your phone.

  • 31 Decibels (dB) protection
  • Complies with EU safety standard EN352
  • With FM, DAB+ and Bluetooth
  • Hands-free calling function
  • 20 preset channels
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Playing time 36-40 hours

EarBuds (H-20)

PerfectPro earbuds are designed for ultimate comfort, including a reinforced neckband.

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Playing time of 12-14 hours

About PerfectPro

About us

PerfectPro is the global specialist and pioneer in jobsite radio innovation and offers the widest range of audio tools for professionals.

This includes not only traditional tradesmen, but also road workers, painters, farmers, electricians, plumbers and outdoor enthusiasts, all of whom work in harsh conditions and appreciate the benefits of high-quality professional tools, but have different audio needs.

PerfectPro designs and produces premium audio tools with the highest Hi-Fi standards. We do this together with the best and most innovative factories worldwide.

At PerfectPro we create targeted and sustainable product lines for long-term use, not temporary fashion trends. Each product is tested for years under harsh conditions by craftsmen in Northwest Europe. Each product is improved inside and out year after year and is therefore constantly further developed.


In the early 2000s, DeWalt was the first company to introduce a branded construction site radio. Shortly after launching, PerfectPro’s founders, an audio expert who played in a rock band and a former DeWalt executive, saw the potential and founded PerfectPro in 2004.

PerfectPro quickly became the established supplier of construction site radios in the Benelux and served the rest of the world by producing construction site radios for the branded range of Power tool brands

Currently, PerfectPro is working on expanding its own brand range internationally, reducing high overhead costs and adding more quality to the product itself while maintaining a fair price.


All we have done over the past few decades is manufacture jobsite radios to perfection, for ourselves and for larger power tool brands, creating an ever better range of audio tools. We have all our expertise in the “Perfect Professional” range of audio tools.

Find a dealer

Find all PerfectPro dealers easily on the dealer page.


You can contact us by email at info@perfectpro.eu  or by phone at  +31 162 480272.