Wifi / Internet radios

What does an internet radio offer you?

All channels from around the world:

– Choose from thousands of radio stations from around the world.
– This includes both smaller local radio stations as well as regional and national broadcasting stations
– as well as many stations that only broadcast via internet radio.

An example: In Rotterdam, New York or Tokyo you listen to the program of a small local station in your neighborhood in the usual high quality. Or you can listen to the best reggae program straight from Jamaica at your home. A whole world of music is waiting for you.


Perfect sound quality:

– digital stereo audio quality.
– Depending on the broadcast quality, this is good to very good.
– No noise or interference, as the program is not transmitted over the “ether” like normal radio reception and is therefore not influenced by external factors.


Undisturbed reception:

– Simple: Where WiFi coverage is available, you get all the benefits mentioned above.
– Ideal for locations or regions where there is weak or no DAB+ or FM reception.
– Also ideal for places where normal radio reception of FM or DAB+ programs is severely hindered by external factors, such as workplaces, production halls, metal and concrete construction, etc.


More than just radio:

– You can fully operate your radio with the UNDOK app via WiFi.
– You can play and control Spotify Connect content via WiFi.
– You can play your music from your computer network via WiFi.
– In addition, the radio also plays music via Bluetooth, Aux-in and from a USB stick.


FM and DAB+ radio:

– In places without a WiFi connection, your WiFi internet radio can also receive all FM and DAB+ radio stations as normal.