Simplifying the workplace for employees with a cross-brand 18V battery platform: AMPShare – Powered by Bosch launches in the USA and Canada and expands compatibility with brands such as FEIN and Rothenberger

New multi-brand battery alliance to provide power tool users with maximum performance, reliability and tool compatibility

PROSPECT, IL. (May 16, 2023) – Today Bosch Power Tools, with founders; FEIN and Rothenberger have announced the launch of AMPShare – Powered by Bosch, now available in the USA and Canada. This global, cross-brand battery alliance advances these companies’ shared vision for battery efficiency and provides professionals with the best and most comprehensive 18V power system that is compatible across brands, applications and even countries. This launch expands the AMPShare platform previously launched in the EU in 2022.

“At Bosch, we continue to strive to make the hard work of professional workers easier by offering quality products, complete system solutions and the equipment of a truly cordless workshop,” said Robert Hesse, President and CEO of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “AMPShare is the implementation of our shared vision of creating energy efficiency for workers regardless of the task at hand and advancing industrial technology. It’s a wireless system that professionals can rely on.”

AMPShare – Powered by Bosch launches in the US and Canada with founding partners; Bosch Power Tools NA, FEIN Power Tools US and Rothenberger USA. In addition to these founding partners, 12 other brands are joining the alliance, with products coming to market in 2023 and/or 2024: HONSEL, Ledlenser, Mato, Medmix Cox and MK, Orgapack and Signode, PerfectPro, Steinel, Bosch Rexroth Corp, Titan and Wagner.

The AMPShare battery is Bosch’s current 18V battery that workers in the United States and Canada rely on. The physical batteries have been updated with AMPShare branding. Alliance member brands use this battery platform for select tools, increasing platform compatibility by allowing professionals to use the same powerful 18V battery platform with additional cordless tools.

With the AMPShare – Powered by Bosch alliance, the founding partners are setting industry standards for employees. “As a leading manufacturer in our industry, our team at Rothenberger is proud to bring expertise in plumbing connection, installation and maintenance to the AMPShare Alliance,” said Kevin Rewerts, President and CEO of Rothenberger USA. “With AMPShare focused on creating maximum value for our users through the quality of our products, we are able to offer the best pipe tools, including batteries, with extensive compatibility and industry-leading technology to power a range of products. “

Features and Benefits

The AMPShare – Powered by Bosch alliance is a battery platform to build on, with the aim of making the hard workday easier and promoting a wireless workplace. The AMPShare – Powered by Bosch battery system offers benefits such as broad compatibility, advanced battery design and fast charging to support workers in a variety of applications.

  • Compatibility: The AMPShare – Powered by Bosch batteries are compatible with select and newly launched tools from the multi-brand alliance, including the current and future Bosch 18V system.
  • Leading battery technology: Within the AMPShare system, a range of batteries with CORE18V technology offer optimal power-to-weight ratio, high performance and COOLPACK 2.0 thermal management technology for longer life compared to AMPShare batteries without IT technology.
  • Professional Expertise: Developed by the expert brands in their respective fields, users can rely on the AMPShare – Powered by Bosch system for use in various applications.
  • Save time, money and space: By using AMPShare batteries in applications and tools, users can save space in their toolbox as well as time and money by purchasing fewer batteries and chargers. </li>

The AMPShare-branded battery platform will launch in June at various retailers and distributors in the US and Canada. Current Bosch Power Tools batteries and AMPShare alliance products are compatible with the AMPShare AC power cu as well as future Bosch Power Tools products launching in 2023 and beyond. To get started, FEIN users can use the AMPShare battery system on the oscillating multitools MULTIM ASTER 500 and 700; other devices in various categories will follow shortly. Rothenberger will offer AMPShare compatibility for select battery-powered products in 2024, including the press tool, bending tool and vacuum pump.

Power tool users are encouraged to stay abreast of specific brand announcements regarding tool compatibility with the AMPShare platform from current Alliance member brands and brands wishing to join.

For more information about AMPShare – Powered by Bosch, visit or the Bosch Power Tools press room at