Breaking news: Craft magazine ‘Handwerk Magazin’ workshop with jobsite radio test

The Handwerk Magazin has a big workshop radio test in its November 2022 issue carried out. PerfectPro competed against HAMA, JBL, Makita, Bosch Professional and Soundmaster.

The PITLANE4 master car workshop has tested all radio devices for operability, sound, dust and splash proof, sparks, drop test, handling and reception. They also checked the construction site radio for key data such as Bluetooth, battery, size and weight.

“In most companies, a radio runs parallel to day-to-day business. According to some studies, music in the workplace increases productivity and provides additional motivation. But the radio market is huge and confusing. Handwerk Magazine has tested six radios for workshop use.”

Handwerk Magazin is a nationwide business magazine for craft entrepreneurs in Germany. It is operated by Holzmann Medien GmbH & Co. KG relocated.

PerfectPro had configured the RockPro for testing;
The RockPro won the test of all other radios!

handwerk magazin werkstattradio-test

Handwerk Magazin Test


The ROCKPRO has prevailed against the other workshop radios in almost all categories. The ROCKPRO is the powerful all-rounder. Compact top model, with a particularly powerful lithium battery and two 15 watt neodymium speakers. Unexpectedly strong, clear sound and at the same time a compact housing suitable for construction sites. The most versatile construction site radio, packed with the best technology the market has to offer.

  • Radio FM & DAB+ digital radio
  • USB player, AUX in, Bluetooth, USB, power bank
  • Integrated lithium battery (18 to 22 hours) with internal charger included
  • Shockproof, rain, dirt and dust resistant
  • 2 x 3″ double neodymium speakers stereo 2 x 15 watt output power


The most versatile construction site radio, packed with the best technology the market has to offer.

2 x 15 watt double neodymium speakers
Powerful Class D amplifier, DSP (Digital Sound Processing)
Internet/FM/DAB+ radio, USB/MP3 player, Bluetooth speaker, Aux input, call speaker