PerfectPro sponsors the “Houtsche Rugby Club”. We do this because we believe rugby is a beautiful and fair game. We also see parallels with the PerfectPro radios. These can also withstand shock, mud and dust. The ultimate goal is for every sports club to have a PerfectPro RockHart. Not only is it the largest construction site radio in the world, but it also works great on sports fields!

“April 2016: Some fathers had the idea of playing rugby with their children in a park in Haarlem. What started as a kind of joke: “We’re starting our own rugby club” has become a truth after two years. The Housche RFC is a fact! And oh, how proud we are.”

Houtsche RFC is the rugby club in the Haarlem-South region, Heemstede. The club is for children aged 4-16. We are a club where children get to know the sport of rugby and enjoy it. Learn to play rugby with respect. We now have over 150 boys and girls who are members.

Everyone is welcome and can play for free several times to get to know the game. The focus is on fun and good exercise. We are an association run by parents on a voluntary basis. Fun and togetherness are also our top priorities.

The name came about because we started holding training courses in Haarlemmerhout, the oldest urban forest in the Netherlands. De Hout is known for its deer, hence a powerful stag as a symbol in the coat of arms. The color green also refers to the park.