PerfectPro launches Wifi Radio Netbox

PerfectPro has developed the perfect radio for workplaces with no or limited radio signals. Netbox is capable of delivering crystal clear radio sound in places such as basements or workplaces behind buildings with thick walls and limited radio reception.

In addition to local radio, it offers access to thousands of radio stations worldwide. To fill typical work areas with warm sound, the Netbox is equipped with an oversized speaker.

Learn more about Netbox:

This high-quality audio tool boasts all the latest features, including internet radio, colour screen, USB media player and Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream from any mobile device. Rain-, dust- and dirt-proof. With Wi-Fi access, connect to Spotify Connect and put on your favourite Spotify playlist. Once charged, your radio will last you 18 to 24 hours, so you can take it with you anywhere and enjoy music throughout the workday. Remote app available so you can control the Netbox through your phone.