Bauforum24 names our PerfectPro Rockhart 18V the new King of jobsite radios


Bauforum24 with Rockhart 18V

The new king of jobsite radios: The Rockhart 18V

Last week Bauforum24, a German based YouTube channel and massive social media presence, uploaded a YouTube video where they compare our very own Rockhart 18V jobsite radio with one of the fan favourite Makita jobsite radios. This was a completely unbiased comparison video by Bauforum24 and has been viewed almost 80K times already.

The big winner!

After a great in depth analyses of the radios, testing and discussing both technical aspects as the sound quality, we are very pleased to inform you that our Rockhart 18V has undoubtedly won this test and also received the nickname of “The new King of jobsite radios”. Which we think is fair to say is a quite the impressive title!

Check it out right here:


AMPShare logo

AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional

The Rockhart 18V is the first PerfectPro radio that has been made part of the AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional alliance. AMPShare is the multi-brand shared battery system that gives you the flexibility to switch between pro tools and brands – without switching batteries. Which at this moment has 33 power tools partners assigned to it.

AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional launched October 2022 and is still growing in size with more partners being added each year.

‘AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional’ is the universal 18V alliance with 33 partners and more than 300 products

PerfectPro was on the exhibition stand of partner Bosch, with its power tool division a top 3 player in the world of power tools. There are more than 80 Mn batteries from Bosch on the market and they all fit the PerfectPro product via the AMPShare universal battery system from Bosch Professional.

The Bosch stand at CES Las Vegas 10-01-24

The exhibition stand at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.