A modest, traditional Dutch specialty among 170,000 tech companies at the CES tech fair in Las Vegas

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Today the latest product from the Dutch construction radio specialist is on display at the second largest stand at the world’s largest consumers tech fair CES in Las Vegas. PerfectPro, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. After decades of development for the major tool brands, it is launching internationally this week under its own brand.

20 years of audio knowledge incorporated into one construction radio

Between the AI specialists, self-driving cars and the latest gadgets from large tech firms, you would not expect to find a Dutch construction radio specialist. Nevertheless, PerfectPro believes that with its knowledge and skills it will be able to make a significant contribution to the world of tomorrow very soon after the CES.

By making professional products that virtually do not break and that work on the same battery system as, for example, your drill, saw or vacuum cleaner. It is therefore aimed at every professional who owns a power tool battery, but also at the critical consumer who wants the better professional equipment than the standard Bluetooth speaker that only lasts a few years. In addition to a radio, the product is also a unique Bluetooth boombox.

PerfectPro toont nieuwste bouwradio aangesloten op de AMPShare - Powered by Bosch Professional alliance.

PerfectPro launches the “Rocktagon 18V” at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

‘AMPShare – Powered by Bosch Professional’ is the universal 18V alliance with 30 partners and more than 300 products

PerfectPro is on the exhibition stand of partner Bosch, with its power tool division a top 3 player in the world of power tools. There are more than 80 Mn batteries from Bosch on the market and they all fit the PerfectPro product via the AMPShare universal battery system from Bosch Professional.

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The Bosch stand at CES Las Vegas 10-01-24

The exhibition stand at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

PerfectPro Rocktagon 18V

The Rocktagon 18V, shown at CES, will be available from May 2024. The entire range (including the world’s largest and smallest audio tools) is available at the better professional hardware stores.